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Your basic lake applet (with some added bonuses) ...

Example 1
Example 2

v 1.0218.1999

You may download the class and some example HTML.

Parameter descriptions:

Parameter name Brief description Valid range Default
ImageURL Location of the image to be rippled. n/a none
TextURL Location of an optional text file to be scrolled over the lake. n/a none
MaskColour This colour (in HTML colour format) will be replaced by the water ripples. 000000 to ffffff 000000 (black)
Delay The delay (in milliseconds) between ripples. >0 10
Precision How jerky the ripples appear. The higher the value, the smoother the ripples. >0 50
RippleStart The y coordinate at which to start rippling. Everything above this coordinate will be inverted and rippled. <ImageHeight ImageHeight/2
Perspective The lower the value, the closer to the water's surface you appear. >3 5
Face Font face to be used in conjunction with scrolling text. n/a Arial
Size The size of the font to be scrolled. >0 12
Bold If 1, the scrolled text will be bold. Normal otherwise. 0 or 1 0
Italic If 1, the scrolled text will be italic. Normal otherwise. 0 or 1 0
Colour The colour of the text (in HTML colour format - rrggbb). 00000 to ffffff ffffff (white)