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Name Abdullah Al-Yafeai
Address P.O.Box 8613 Abu Dhabi UAE
Telephone 00971-50-5219101
Date Of Birth 9/7/1973
Place Of Birth YAFA - Yemen
Marital Status Single

Career Object

To obtain a challenging  position that enhances my Information System Skill and Credentials, with special interest in the area of network design, management and Administration

Computer Skill

Network OS / Server Software, Novell-NetWare4.x, MS-WindowsNT4.0 Server/Workstation, MS-Windows 2000, and Oracle7.0/8.0 and developer2000.

Operating System / Application Software

MS–Windows 3.1 / workgroup 3.11, MS–Windows 95, MS–Windows 98, MS–Office 4.x/95/97,2000,xp, MS–IE 3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0, Netscape Navigator 2.0/3.0, Netscape Communicator 4.0/4.5, Lotus 1-2-3, Dream Weaver, FrontPage.


Arabic and English.

PC Language

Pascal, Cobol, C, Dbase and HTML coding.


PC Assembling and Maintenance.


May 1994 English Certificate from SYMBIOSIS SOCIETY, PUNE India
June 1999 Certified Novell Administrator ( CNA 4.11).
Apr 10, 2003 Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
Jun 03, 2003 Microsoft Certified System Administrator(MCSA)
Jul 06, 2003 Microsoft Certified System Engineer(MCSE)
Jul 13, 2003 Microsoft Certified Database Administrator(MCDBA)
Dec 30, 2003 Microsoft Certified System Administrator(MCSA 2003)
Jan 10, 2004 Microsoft Certified System Engineer(MCSE 2003)


June 1999 Bachelor Of Science Poona College,Pune University, India

Work Experience

Sep 1999-Oct 2000 PC Assembling and Maintenance, Computer Wonders, Abu Dhabi.
Oct 2000-March 2001 PC Assembling and Maintenance,Khawarizmi Center, Abu Dhabi.
April 2001-Till now Web Page designing and updating, Frontier Group, Abu Dhabi UAE.


upon request